Rebecca Lynn Radlick




Publications 2020

Radlick RL, Svedberg P, Nygren JM, Przedpelska S, Gammon D (2020)
Digitally Enhanced Mentoring for Immigrant Youth Social Capital: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Pilot Study and a Randomized Controlled Trial
JMIR Res Protoc, 9 (3), e16472
DOI 10.2196/16472, PubMed 32181746

Radlick RL, Mirkovic J, Przedpelska S, Halvorsen Brendmo E, Gammon D (2020)
Experiences and Needs of Multicultural Youth and Their Mentors, and Implications for Digital Mentoring Platforms: Qualitative Exploratory Study
JMIR Form Res, 4 (2), e15500
DOI 10.2196/15500, PubMed 32014847


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