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Lise Solberg Nes

About us

The Department of Digital Health Research consists of scientists, PhD students, post-docs, editors, design and system developers, as well as administrative staff. We have a longstanding history of designing, developing and testing digital solutions from the perspective of patients and health care providers in order to improve; patient education, self-management, individual follow-up, improved communication between patients and their health care providers, shared decision making and collaborative care research. The solutions developed by our department derive from a unique combination of existing evidence and extensive user input and involvement. Read more...

Lise Solberg Nes.
Head of Department

Our research

The Department of Digital Health Research has a solid research portfolio, strong multidisciplinary expertise, a productive research environment and extensive national and international research collaborations. We design, develop and test digitally supported interventions that improve health and well-being for people with a wide variety of health challenges and supports shared decision making and collaborative care. Our research contributes to a better understanding of the mechanisms underlying digitally supported improvements in health and well-being, and also focuses on implementation- and cost-benefit aspects of these interventions. The goal of our department is to improve health and healthcare through evidence-based, patient-centered, digital solutions that support patients and their health care providers in the process towards improved health and wellbeing.


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Employees of  Digital Health

Our employees

We are a multidisciplinary group with broad professional expertise, including nursing, psychology, physical therapy, public health and health promotion, marketing, film and graphic design, digital design, technical architecture and system development.