Yizhak Itzchaki

Digital Designer




+47 91747131


Bachelor of Design, Visual Communication and Animation, Bezalel Academy, Jerusalem


  • Development of the department’s digital solutions (eHealth tools)
  • Planning and follow-up using agile methods
  • Interaction design including development of prototypes
  • Implementation of design and layout
  • Development of illustrations and animations
  • Participate in usability tests
  • Close collaboration with researchers, content developers and system developers


My projects


Using eHealth design to facilitate weight maintenance following initial weight loss

Involve me

eHealth solutions for patients with non functioning pituitary adenomas and patients receiving renal replacement therapy

Living well with chronic pain (EPIO©™)

Using person-centered eHealth design to support self-management for patiens with chronic pain

Resiliency at Work (R@W)

By and for young people

Stress Management in Cancer (StressProffen©™)

A cognitive behavioral stress management intervention for patients with cancer

The Power of Personal Strengths

Using gamification to support patients in chronic illness management


A digital solution for stress management in children