eHealth outpatient consultations

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Oslo University Hospital


Future challenges related to health, technology and population generates a need for innovative solutions that can be timesaving for both patients and health care providers, contribute to more efficient patient follow-up and result in various benefits, both practical and related to health economics.

The research project is a part of the clinical project “eHelseløsning i poliklinikk”, where Oslo University Hospital (OUS) pilot tests the use of video consultation in patient follow-up at the hospital.

Through this collaborative project between the Department of Digital Health Research and the Department of Nephrology at Division of Medicine at OUS, the project aims to evaluate how patients and health care providers experience video consultations in outpatient care.

As a part of the project and treatment at the Division of Medicine, some of the patients at the Department of Nephrology will have the possibility to have their follow-up appointments as video consultations.

It is of great value to investigate how the patients and health care providers experience use and usability in order to evaluate the possibility of future video consultation at other outpatient clinics at the hospital. Department of Digital Health Research is responsible for the research project and to evaluate the data, and will report results and findings in close collaboration with the Department of Nephrology. The final evaluation and results will be published at project completion.

The two main project goals are to:

  1. Evaluate how the patients and health care providers experience benefits and disadvantages of outpatient video consultation.
  2. Evaluate use, usability and ease of use of video consultation.

The study will include 60 patients and 10 health care providers and be based on both qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (surveys) research methods.


  • Aud Eldrid Stenehjem, Project Leader, Department of Nephrology
  • Maiken Forsberg, Super User, Department of Nephrology
  • Hennie A Cariann Hasfjord, Super User, Department of Nephrology




Christine Rygg
Project Administrator
Lise Solberg Nes
Project Leader
Cecilie Varsi
Researcher/Co Leader
Elin Børøsund
Per Tømmer
Technical Manager