Project period



Department of Digital Health Research (Oslo University Hospital) and The Regional Center on Violence, Traumatic Stress and Suicide Prevention (Region East)

Project Summary

Exposure to stress and worry can affect children’s development and sometimes make it challenging to deal with age-related activities and tasks. Limited awareness or knowledge of strategies for regulating own thoughts, feelings and behavior can also make it difficult for children to cope with stress. There is therefore a need for appropriate, effective methods to support stress management and self-regulation for children.

In the current study, the Department of Digital Health Research will, in close cooperation with The Regional Center on Violence, Traumatic Stress and Suicide Prevention (Region East), combine existing technology, competence and experience in the development of; ZuperSmart – a digital solution for stress management in children. The solution, potentially in the form of an app, will contain an accessible tool box that will be easy and engaging to use, and that could easily be distributed and used in preventive measures among children not easily reached by the municipalities/health care system.

ZuperSmart will be inspired by the already existing digital communication- and self-management solutions Sisom (a preparation for consultation tool for children), StressProffen (a stress management intervention program for patients with cancer) and SMART (a stress management tool for people in extraordinary stressful situations). In order to ensure user relevance and future implementation, the solution and technology must be well adapted to the target population. The project will therefore include relevant stakeholders (including children age 6-12, parents, scientific and clinical experts in stress management and self-regulation among children as well as adults, and also e-health experts, editors, designers and system developers) throughout the entire development process.

The project team will evaluate user needs, requirements and perceived benefits of the digital solution through interviews with participating children and their parents, as well as through analyses of log data.

The main goal of the current project is to design, develop and test the new, user-centered, ZuperSmart stress management tool in a pilot study in preparation for upscaling and implementation into daily availability and use.



Lise Solberg Nes
Principal Investigator
Elise Flakk Nordang
Product Owner
Christine Rygg
Project Administrator
Cecilie Ellefsen
Research Assistant
Hanne Stavenes Støle
Research Assistant
Heidi Nygård
Research Assistant
Per Tømmer
Technical Manager
Axel Boix Escolan
System Developer
Stein Jakob Nordbø
System Developer
Yizhak Itzchaki