Connect 2.0 (avsluttet)

Denne siden er kun tilgjengelig på engelsk.

Project period



The Research Council of Norway #176823


This project’s overall objective was to contribute to knowledge and innovation needed to advance ICT-arenas for timely, secure and seamless collaboration between chronically ill patients and appropriate levels of care. We expanded an Internet solution that has successfully supported online patient-provider communication into a device- independent mobile, multifunctional ICT platform, called Connect 2.0, to support individually tailored collaborative care between patients and care providers on the continuum of primary-specialist care. The results contribute to Norway’s Collaboration Reform. Integrating theories from health and ICT related sciences, the project was organized into five work packages that focused on two of VERDIKTs research themes: social networking and mobile internet. We summarized (1) the current state of collaborative health care models and their utilization of ICT research and innovations; explored challenges related to (2) information exchange between devices, platforms and systems;  (3) human-computer interaction, (4) data security and confidentiality; and (5) factors related to successful adoption and implementation of Connect 2.0 patient-provider collaborative care. Finally we explored how Connect 2.0 impacts interactions, communication and organizational processes in collaborative “real world” care.


The work expanded partnerships between the Centre for research-based innovation (SFI) consortium (7 business / research partners) called Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory (TTL), the Norwegian Telemedicine Center (NST), the Center for Shared Decision Making and Nursing Research (CSDM) at Oslo University Hospital, the Department of Computer Science, University of Oslo, the University Hospital of Northern Norway (UNN), Balsfjord Municipality and the Department of Biomedical informatics at Columbia University in New York.

Project group

  • Cornelia Ruland, PhD, Principal Investigator