Sisom3 (avsluttet)

Project period



South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority


Inadequate patient-provider communication remains one of the largest risk factors for patient safety and medical errors, and children with their limited verbal and communication skills are at particular risk. We propose to develop Sisom 3, a cutting-edge child-healthcare-provider communication support application, and prepare it for international distribution. Sisom 3 builds on the experiences of a previous interactive communication tool, called Sisom, that has repeatedly shown in clinical trials to improve child-provider communication and care. However, Sisom 3 takes significant steps forward: It will employ state-of-the-art gamification technology and evidence-based behavioral, motivational and engaging strategies to help children understand and communicate their problems, engage with their care providers, and boost their own potentials to manage their illness. It will be built as a device-independent, context-adaptable modular platform for easy adaptation to multiple clinical contexts and diagnoses, and accommodate children with special needs through principles of universal design. Another unique feature of Sisom 3 is its custom-tailoring functionality to age, gender, language, diagnosis and the situation at hand, so that content and interface can be selected specific for the consultation. This versatility of Sisom 3 gives it an almost unlimited potential to develop multiple modules to support diverse clinical and other contexts and thus improve communication and care for a multitude of chronically ill or disadvantaged groups of children.

Project team

Cornelia Ruland, PhD, Principal Investigator