Support for family care givers (avsluttet)

Project period



The Norwegian Cancer Society

The South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority


Patients with cancer can undergo a variety of treatments (e.g., surgery, radiation (RT), chemotherapy (CTX), hormonal therapy) either singly or in combination. While these treatments improve survival, they can produce a variety of symptoms and side effects. Recent findings suggest that symptoms can have negative effects on adherence with a CTX regimen. In addition, poorly managed symptoms may cause an interruption or cessation of cancer treatment. Finally, unrelieved symptoms can have a negative impact on patients’ functional status, mood, and quality of life (QOL). In addition, it is well established that family caregivers’ (FCs) of cancer patients experience many problems, symptoms and burden. However, the relationship between patient and FCs symptoms and problems is not yet sufficiently understood. Affecting one may also affect the other, and interventions that support FCs could also support patients and vice versa, reducing symptom distress. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to support cancer patients and their FCs, and test the effects of using internett based support program (Connect 2.0) on patient and FC outcomes.

Project group

  • Cornelia Ruland, PhD, Principal Investigator